Our objective is to provide quality travel for both outgoing and incoming passengers from different locations around the world.

Our services are based on 4 major points as follows:

I) Value: We are a cost effective travel agency who works to keep a clean cost structure to be able to offer the best price in the market. We inspire ourselves with budget airlines and keep costs down at every level in our organization. We do not only offer competitive prices but we are also able to pass on very competitive qualities with maximum opportunity for choice and flexibility.

II) Service: Travel link limited plans trips and itineraries based on specified requirements of the clients. We also cater for individual travels, group and corporate travels, as well as religious travels. It is one of the most responsive and reactive Travel Agencies in the region. Our elaborated on-line network allows us to send our information to our fans and customers within minutes. We channel valuable information like sales, exclusive offers, and package deals for both the Tourists & Pilgrims and last minute offer to our customer through our network. Our team of experienced and customer oriented travel consultants provides a comprehensive service for-

     1. Travel related assistance.
     2. Accommodation and hotel booking
     3. Visa consultancy and processing
     4. Total solution for Umrah and Hajj Pilgrims
     5. International airline reservation and ticketing

III) Efficiency: Our specialized departments offer diversified services. Every department works independently to provide the best services to our customer targeting their friendship and long lasting relationship.

IV) Experience: An excellent reputation for personal service quality and value through extensive research and a comprehensive Data-base backed up by many years of experience in the travel industry. We feel this is an extremely important aspect of being an above average travel consultant. It is what enables us to suggest properties that matter our clients' needs and personalities. With us, you can be 100% sure that your request is being held in highly dedicated and professional hands. We are fast and attentive customer service provider. There is no waiting with travel link limited, whether it is for a ticket or visa processing or holy service to Umra and Hajj pilgrims.